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“Nelly Furtado does not feel the need to expose her skin; her fresh and unswerving pop is very well shielded and can sustain itself”…El Mercurio-Chile


“Songs in Spanish were present in the voice of this woman who seems to carry all the possible fusions resulting in an authentic and original sound.” Clarín-Argentina 


“…An intimacy with the audience which dressed in one of her strongest qualities: her charm…” La Tercera-Chile 


“… The artist bestowed all her charm and energy on stage…” La Nación-Chile


“A young woman with Latin style, sexy and cosmopolite” La Nación-Argentina 


“More than a superb voice, the Canadian artist has been able to incursion successfully in a variety of musical styles, seeing on this last one an opportunity to play around Latin rhythms.”


“The artist, filled with energy and in complete surrender, lit up the night.” El Universo-Ecuador


“…the charm and grace of the singer were present throughout the whole performance…”



“Nelly Furtado filled with music the air in Salinas” – El Universo-Ecuador


The audience let itself go by her spectacular voice and her plentiful energy” Extra- Ecuador

Miami, FL- After a three-week tour, the Canadian artist Nelly Furtado, completed the first leg of her Mi Plan 2010, across Latin America, which covered from Mexico through Argentina.

The tour inaugurated in Guadalajara, Mexico, concert that took place in the Telemex Auditorium and whose seats were filled by hearty fans that were elated with the songs of Mi Plan album as well as a collection of Nelly’s greatest hits.

“Feliz Cumpleaños” lead the way to a direct contact between artist and audience. Through an sms text message contest, fans whose birthdays were the same night of a concert had the opportunity to meet and celebrate with the singer on stage: Furtado surprised them by singing to them “Feliz Cumpleaños,” track # 11 on her Mi Plan album. What’s more, each winner received a birthday cake, took a photo with the artist and had the chance to sing with her. Fans submitted more than 10 thousand text messages in order to participate on this contest.


Ongoing this same bash, Furtado visited Mexico city, following with Caracas, Venezuela; Salinas, Ecuador; Santiago de Chile, Chile; Buenos Aires, Argentina, ending with three cities in Brazil: Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Grateful for the warm welcome that the Latin audience granted her, the Canadian artist completed this first leg of Mi Plan 2010 Tour on the 28th of March and invited her followers to rejoin her on what would be the second part of the tour; dates that have not been announced yet but are expected to be during the end of July and beginning of August of this year.

Without a doubt, the continuation of Mi Plan 2010 tour will seal the eagerness of the thousands of fans who were left thirsty for more songs of Mi Plan and for Furtado’s charm and grace.

For more information, photos and all details of the tour please visit: /


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